“ZOOP VOL. 1” Full Video

| November 25th, 2021 |

Edited by Mark Gama & Jim Acee

This thanksgiving, Zoop Crew blesses us with their most recent video, “ZOOP Vol. 1”, and we couldn’t be more thankful. We’re thankful that Zoop Crew embodies the support and community that is so characteristic of the east coast snowboard scene. We could go on a whole tangent about this crew and the robust east coast scene right now, but we’ll leave it at that.

Zoop Crew is a PA based crew that has been making their presence known for years now. At some point, you have surely seen Mark Gama destroying Big Boulder Parks or watched Liam Doyle regularly showing face in the High Cascade summer edits. If you haven’t then maybe you ran into them at Goon Fest this year? Either way, Zoop Crew has consistently been putting on for the east coast, and their 47 minute offering is a testament to that. This is east coast snowboarding.

While you let copious amounts of green bean casserole and stuffing digest this afternoon, make the time go by a little bit quicker with this edit. You will be ready for seconds before Wes Heffernan’s part even begins.

Featuring – Jake Colman, Mark Gama, Wes Heffernan, Mikey Kim, Liam Doyle, Kyle Walsh, Tyler Mengel, Abby Ronca & More

Filmed – Mark Gama, Jim Acee & Mikey Kim

Edited – Mark Gama & Jim Acee

Additional Filming – Joey Leon, Kyle Murray, Chris Fredette, Tristan Sadler, Aidan Bulwicz, IV Stuart, Mikey Gama, Jared Richardson, Devin Bernard & Austin Leleu

Photos – Dave Apple & Alex Porterfield

Titles – Matt Russo


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