Public Access TV presents “what now?”

| November 18th, 2021 |

Filmed and Edited by: Luke Williams and Ben Williams

If this past season has showed us anything, it’s that the East Coast snowboard scene is alive and well. Snowboard crews are popping up left and right, and Public Access TV is one to watch out for. Since their last video, Public Access (94), the crew has steadily been stacking clips, but when they’re not in the streets you can catch them lapping Mountain Creek or even the newly acclaimed indoor snow dome, Big Snow. As exhibited through Luke and Ben Wiliam’s filming and editing, this tight knit crew’s energy is almost palpable, making their dynamic a strong addition to the already thriving northeast snowboard culture. This is only the beginning for Public Access, and, as the title entails, we are confident to see what the future has in store for them. Until then, we can only wonder what’s next.

Filmed and Edited by: Luke and Ben Williams

Additional Filming by: Connor Lowe, Tommy Barger, Noah Williams, Emmett Dowd, Drew Hastings

Starring: Luke Williams, Ben Williams, Noah Williams, Jack Wynant, Tommy Barger, Tara Kipilla, Alex Caccamo, Jack Donohue, Tyler Sollitto, Emmett Dowd

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