Venla Mustonen’s 20/21 Footage

| November 28th, 2021 |

Venla’s first video part

As an integral member of our favorite Finnish snowboard crew, Stay WOP, Verna Mustonen releases her street footage in what is her first solo video part. Within this two and a half minute segment, Verna demonstrates her eye for street snowboarding, as she stacks clips on a wide-range of spots. Notably, with an ender as heavy as this one, it’s clear Dr. Luti’s affinity for wall rides has rubbed off on her. Congrats on a stand out season, Venla—we look forward to what’s in store this winter.

Filmed by: Tobbe, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Henna Ikola, Kiril Rikkilä, Eemeli Kyllönen, Ailo Riponiemi, Calle Hasselblatt, Lauri Kivari, Jasu Ruusunen

Edited by: Venla Mustonen



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