Vans Snow Welcomes Jill Perkins to the Team

| November 17th, 2021 |

Music Credits: Harry Hagan and Michael Ravelson

Jill Perkins is no stranger to success. While that wasn’t necessarily her goal in 2015, when she moved to Salt Lake City without intentions to start a snowboard career, her progression had a mind of its own. We’re happy it did, as seven years later her presence, both on and off the board, is unparalleled. This recognition is only furthered today, as Vans gives Jill a warm welcome to the team. The upshot of this synergetic addition is inevitable. We are patiently waiting for what’s to come.

I think no matter what season it is, whether it’s snowboarding or skateboarding—because those are the only two seasons that really matter to me—I feel I’m addicted to it. I love to do it. I go nonstop. And I don’t know if that’s just me wanting to progress—because I do definitely want to progress. Maybe it’s just me not wanting to sit in my room, so I go out and do things, you know?

-Jill Perkins, Pride Interview 20′


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