Torment Tuesday News

| July 19th, 2022 |

Dog days of summer has both of these ringing too true. Can’t help you with the wifi situation, but y’all can find some free inspiration here.

Cooper sightings all over the glacier this past week. Peep the first trick in this gram to see the Torment-proclaimed trick of the week for Session 5.

Lilypad Mag hosted a weekend respite, “Can I Just Chill?”, in Montreal a few days ago. Pretty paradoxical name for what was a seemingly frenzied weekend full of art, skating, and friends. Jed Anderson had some dope art there too.

We’re a week in to our annual Torment Summer Retreat, and while we hope Part 7 gives you some context into the on-hill happenings, we have a feeling theres more to be desired. Here’s an attempt to show just that.

Seems as if the lack of oxygen is only helping Harry Hagan’s filming. If he ever changes his mind…

On the topic of ingenious garments, smooth18 had a pop-up this past Saturday. Enjoy the video recap and check out some cool clothing on their site now.

The Summer Retreat update no one asked for. Just gonna leave this one here.

Losing braincells over here trying to think of the conversation that could have facilitated these facial expressions. Probably reminiscing on Good Sport

ICYMI: The view of our set up at Wild Cactus Boutique’s pop up. If you look close enough, you can see one of the last wholehearted tees waiting to be snagged :).

Out of Collective speaking facts over here.

Still losing sleep over this guy. Frankly, don’t think there will be a time when this isn’t triggering.

Ashbury unzipped us with this one. Simpler times when Signals “Every Third Thursday” series had us on our toes more than any given Netflix original.



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