Torment Tuesday News

| July 12th, 2022 |

A big week here at Torment. Between our new drop and one of our first pop ups at the end of the week, there’s a lot to get into.

We’re excited to announce that were headed over to Wild Cactus Boutique this Friday. Stop by, cop some of the new Summer ’22 Torment gear, drink some Juneshine’s, and get a tat from the one and only.

A week ago at Stryn Summerski. Is this Norway’s version of Hood?

The Torment van got a makeover. We’ll leave it up to you to see whats different.

We made it over to Seen Snowboarding’s premier of “From the Bottom of One’s Hearts” this past Saturday. Glad to see the Portland community showing out.

Meliora’s “Sunday” also premiered at CalSurf on Friday. From the looks of this insta post, a lot of homies pulled up. The FOMO was big on this one.

Rumor has it Mikaela Kautzky’s part in “From the bottom of one’s heart” is a banger. This slideshow is just the icing on the cake.

Mikaela’s part got us thinking about legendary video parts. We’re just gonna leave this one here.

Whose the Ticket Tail Culprit?

Nick Dirks, of course!

Mason Lemery with an all-time pairing. We honestly didn’t even know he was wearing sandals for half the day.



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