Torment Tuesday News

| May 24th, 2022 |

Mason Lemery at Torment Heaven Week in Mt. Bachelor

Here we are, the last week of May has crept up on us when we’ve least expected it. This time around, recent developments around the primaries and imminent threat of Monkeypox have kept us preoccupied for the past 7 days, but we still found enough time to supply you with ample snowboard updates to close out the month.

ET pro model for Alltimers Skateboards

ET turned pro for Alltimers Skateboards this past week, and with that comes an ode to Ojo on his pro model deck. We’re glad to see Ojo’s legacy carry on through a company that loved him as much as he did them. You can buy the board here.

“Dillon is an Alltimer, in the truest sense, and he always will be”. — Alltimers

A residual from Torment Heaven Week earlier this month. Safe to say Krugs is a core boarder.

Alex G has been heard in snowboard videos for the greater part of the last half decade and we’re crediting Seamus Foster for bringing attention to his tunes—they make us feel something when paired with snowboarding clips. Anyway, Sandy released a new track “Blessing,” giving us something fresh to jam to this week. Tour dates have been announced as well (live music rules all).

There’s a slew of Mr. Foster’s past hits with Alex G tracks, and the one below is skateboarding because, well, it’s summer time.

With June fastly approaching, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane through the lens’s of Seamus Foster and Colton Morgan. While it’s not a staple K2 flick or Dust Box edit, these two provide the same visceral reaction when capturing the summer months. Hathenbruck’s JUMPERCABLES revives us to a simpler time—a seemingly eventful summer in SLC circa 2017. Enjoy.

Torment weather report for Torment Tuesday News 052422

In light of Denver’s prompt encounter with climate change this past weekend, we’re holding onto the hope that Mt. Hood will experience the same weather patterns this weekend. It’s starting to look like these “freak” storms are not as serendipitous as we think…

A day late, but OJO’s MONDAY MIXX is timeless. If you close your eyes, it’s almost as if you’re in apt 200 with the legend himself. Enjoy today, tomorrow, and always.


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