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| May 17th, 2022 |

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Another eventful week has passed us, and this time around we’re not too stoked on the happenings from the past 7 days. Scratch that, we’re straight up saddened. Between the Buffalo mass shooting and the rightfully drawn out Roe vs Wade debate, there’s a dismal after taste for everything we’re attempting to digest this week. In an attempt to ease this digestion, here’s a recap of the more pleasant news from our snowboard community.

Torment Mag "Heaven Week" at Mt. Bachelor

A hefty crew convened at Mt. Bachelor for a handful of days that can only seem to be summarized as an impromptu “Heaven Week”. The memorable time that ensued was exactly what you’d expect when you get a bunch of your closest friends together. Here’s a few grams that barely scratch the surface of a recap.

A friendly reminder to keep your eye out for Escape Video‘s upcoming project this Fall. In the meantime, they just dropped a Laax edit from April that only reinforces why they won this years 2022 Snow Globe’s Regional Video of the Year.

Brain Bowl Sessions location at Mt. Bachelor

It seems as if Mt. Bachelor is the place to be—the mountain is a safe haven for community-driven snowboarding. Now, to add to last week’s events, Tre Squad is embarking on their 6th brain bowl session, where the first day of building just went down.

If you still have the energy, head to the Dutchman Flat Trailhead for this multi day affair. The build started today, May 17th, and will continue into the contest, which goes down May 21st. These brain bowl sessions are truly a testament to what can go down when boarders come together creatively.

Jill Perkins in Mt. Hood bar

Many speculate on the best way to spend the off season. Some frequent the bar, some frequent the skatepark, some frequent Oregon’s favorite glacier, and, more often than not, most frequent all three together.

While exploring Government Camp for everything it has to offer is undoubtedly the best solution, most are missing out on the most proactive part—rollerblading at BOB skatepark. Derrek Lever introduced us to this competitive edge, and now Jill is just rubbing it in our face. Don’t sleep.



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