Torment Tuesday News

| May 3rd, 2022 |

We’re almost at the first hump day of May, and what better way to initiate the middle of the week than with another rendition Torment Tuesday News. Let’s get to it.

Fellow Tormentor, Jack Griffin, has embarked on his new operation, Honorings and Offerings. It’s a collection of art pieces straight from Jack’s mind to yours. Dont sleep.

In other news, Derrek Lever is making his (bimonthly?) migration to Mexico. We don’t blame him either—quite frankly we encourage him to take some time off after carrying the rollerblading community with this 720.

Portland’s had one hell of a month, precipitation wise. With record high snowfall that’ve translated to an above average snow base up at Mt. Hood meadows, expect a healthy summer up on the glacier.

These record high snow depths for Oregon come at the cost of dwindling snow pack else where. Specifically, Woodward PC is now an almost bare strip of snow, which is only compounded by the closing of Brighton.


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