Torment Tuesday News

| January 18th, 2022 |

Hey All. Thanks Vans for resurfacing this clip, a friendly reminder that snowboarding went off this week—especially for kink rails. Just as Cole Navin back 50ed this behemoth of a DFDF in living room, a lucky few can say they did the same to a similarly buck rail this weekend. What we’re eluding to is one of the sickest events to go down, Heavy Metal, presented by Red Bull. Luckily we got Keenan Crawley to capture the madness, and you can find his write up here. Aside from this eventful Saturday in Duluth, MN, there was a slew of projects, photos, and other content that perfectly encapsulates the past week in snowboarding. Without further ado, here’s another edition fo Torment Tuesday News.

Sean Lucey comes through with another cinematic banger that follows Austin Sweetin, among other homies. As if Wind Slab wasn’t enough, now we have even more reason to back Lucey and the synergy he’s got going on with the Mervin and Quicksilver.

As the Instagram caption entails, the cats out of the bag. Salmon Arms has attempted to recreate Brent Meyer’s iconic trick, but did they succeed? Only time will tell. (Either way, the attempt is commendable)

In other news, Batwing just dropped their MEGAPIXEL beanie, and chances are you slept right through it. It’s sold out now, so jokes on you. Maybe you can keep refreshing their website and catch a restock?

Snowboy Productions with another project in the books
Bookclub will do anything for the shot
As Brett Kulas questioned, “who eatin the most?”. By the looks of Reid’s face, our bets on him.

This week, just like every other week during the winter months, was a race to the snow-filled spots that would otherwise be missed opportunities. Here’s an update from some of our favorites:

Reid Smith did a tribute line from a spot Denver Orr hit in how dark blue feels.

Some of the Salomon team got their fix at Brighton, where it was “absolutely off the meat hook”.

Eli McClatchy leaked some clips but didn’t disclose the location. From the looks of the homies he’s with and a photo of Dr. Luti’s iconic spot, we have a hunch as to where he is. Even so, we wouldn’t want to ruin the mystery for you.

Niels Schack got creative in Helsinki. The spot is super sick.


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