Torment Tuesday News

| January 4th, 2022 |

Happy New Year! There’s a lot we want to leave in 2021, but this photo of Jonas Harris in Issue FOUR is not on that list. Also, on a more optimistic note, there’s a lot were looking forward to as well. We’re excited for more snow in the PNW, the Natural Selection tour that can’t seem to come fast enough, and Jake Kuzyk’s bombhole tomorrow—just to name a few. Let’s not jinx ourselves, though, so here’s some highlights from an exciting first week of 2022.

Parrish Issacs on the train
Book Club on the DC Subway

With the new year comes new beginnings for Chris Grenier, as he parts ways with Salomon Snowboards after 14 years of support. If his stories from Brighton tonight are any indication, his future is looking bright (no need to even bank on The Bombhole).

Jacob Krugmire in the streets
Krugs on what is presumably his third spliff break of the session

Maria Thomsen dropped her full part from the King Snow movie this past week, and that shits fire. There’s a reason she got last part—go see why.

Jenaya J showing why teamwork makes the dream work. Shot by Bryanna Papp.

New mix courtesy of Bryden Browley



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