Seb Picard’s Toonies

What can we say about this video that you already didn’t know. The filming, the riding, the spots, all absolutely dialed. Take notes young ones this is how you make a video. Even with their winter cut short, these dudes did their part. Congrats guys, the beers on us next time we see you. 🙂

Video by Anthony Drolet

Photos by Jon Stark

Directed by Anthony Drolet
Curiosity at its finest level. Seb gap hardway back 180 switch 5050.
Peer review amongst some harsh critics.
Aesthetically one of the best spots we’ve seen in awhile.
Seb drop…
Hungover Seb.
Sunset session at the crossing of a thousand bridges.
Remy on his way up.
Remy on his way down. Chairlift grind at first light.
Lou’s backyard.
Tony pulling double duty. Congrats my friend.


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