Jess Kimura Presents “The Uninvited 3”

| November 30th, 2021 |

Passion means something different to everyone. There are endless sports, hobbies, and pursuits that can facilitate this irreplaceable emotion, but without action this feeling isn’t worthwhile. The latter of this reality is hard for some to realize, but Jess Kimura and the girls in The Uninvited 3 illustrate why you should always act upon your desires.

Jess founded this crew in hopes to document something at the intersection of passion and purpose, and, after sacrificing her mental, physical, and financial wellbeing for these girls, it’s clear that her hard work paid off. Not only did her perseverance shine through in the film, but every single part exhibits the drive necessary to achieve results as good as these. Whether it’s broken bones, heavy bails, or even time-consuming makes, these girls prioritize determination over everything. If you still don’t know what you’re passionate about, then The Uninvited 3 will definitely give you a clue as to how it looks.

A labor of love presented by Jess Kimura and the final piece to The Uninvited trilogy.

Featuring Darrah Reid, Henna Ikola, Nora Beck, Maggie Leon, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Naima Antolin, Kaleah Opal, Grace Warner, Alexis Roland, Miyon Yamaguchi, Taylor Elliott, Himari Takamori, Corrine Pasela, Tsukimi Sato, Yurika Takikawa and many more!

Made possible by The North Face, Monster Energy, Ikon Pass, and Coal Headwear



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