Sunday | A Minnesota Street Video For Friends, By Friends

| July 28th, 2022 |

It may be 100 degrees out in July, but that didn’t stop Trevor Slattery and the Meliora crew from dropping their video from last winter. Early, we know, but this 10-minute-flick acts as an air conditioned blast of Minnesota snowboarding right when we needed it most. Made with friends, for friends.

The film premiered at Cal Surf earlier this month, and we’re sure it left a mark on every twin-cities boarder who attended. Now, the rest of the snowboard community can feel the same way. Whether is Blake Lamb’s seemingly never-ending clip reserve, Joey Petterson’s addition to Luke Winklemann’s ender spot from Wingspan, or Gavin Matson’s clip that finally gives the thumbnail some context, something will surely resonate with you. And, if all else fails (which it wont), they threw in an Alex G song to appease the community at large. Smart, guys.

So, with the last week of summer boarding on its way out, Trevor provided the antidote to a board-less limbo until premiere season. Exactly what we needed.

Featuring: Gavin Matson, Joey Peterson, Jake Antisdale, and Blake Lamb

Filmed and Edited by: Trevor Slattery

Additional Filming by: James Lingle, Mike Wolfert, and Blake Geis

Photos by: Trevor Slattery and Gavin Matson



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