Spacé Couliour Featuring Fredrik Kalbermatten

| May 18th, 2022 |

It’s only right that Fredrik’s Spacé series culminates with footage to highlight Saas Fee’s most elusive terrain. Couliour’s are not hard to find, but capitalizing on the right conditions to tackle these behemoths are as narrow as the descent itself.

Thankfully, the stars aligned for Fred to tackle a couple iconic shoots this season. With a strong snowpack, and equally as convenient wind and lighting factor, a window of opportunity opened up for Fred to cap his season off the right way.

“Frederik lives surrounded by 13 mountains higher than 4000m, many offering unique and challenging descents that only a few have mastered in this high alpine region. Some couloirs are only accessible when conditions are perfect, some wait for several seasons only to open their doors for a brief moment. Frederik masters these heavy lines with flow and style.”

Featuring: Fredrik Kalbermatten

Filmed by: Jack Mullner, Jamie Mullner, Marinho Meyer, Aurel Anthamatten, and Levi Luggen

Interpretation: Martin Luchsinger



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