Joe Sexton’s “South Paw” Part

| November 29th, 2021 |

Way before the inception of Public Snowboards, it’s been public knowledge that Joe Sexton has been spearheading progression within the snowboard community. Longevity in snowboarding is a rare feat, reserved only for the most resilient and persistent types. Since his debut video part in Child Support, Joe has been putting up staple parts and iconic tricks—if you know what you’re looking for. Going out year after year in an attempt to display the style and creativity truest to oneself can be a painstaking and time consuming job. Now throw into the mix running a fast growing snowboard company and you have a calculation that doesn’t necessarily equate to an upcoming video part. But here we are, Joe Sexton proves once again with “South Paw” that he’s still got the fight in him.

Edited by Tanner Pendleton

Contributing filmers Harry Hagan, Jake Durham, Justin Meyer, Treavor Slattery, Dan Tyler, Mo Jennings, Colton Morgan, Erik Karl and Josh Manoles

photo by Darrell Mathes
photo by Darrell Mathes



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