Vans X Seen Snowboarding: The Evolution of Queer Snowboarding

| June 30th, 2022 |

Vans and Seen Snowboarding teamed up to change the narrative for queer snowboarding, and this pride video could not have come at a better time. Frankly, we’re happy this got released on the last day of Pride Month, as the symbolism is all too clear. Seen snowboarding has catalyzed a change that will continue to develop way past a single month. This is perpetual.

For this project, our friends at Seen Snowboarding created a video spotlighting new representation within the sport, and inviting people from all spectrums to join them in pushing the cultural dial. This is just one of the many different angles Tanner Pendleton and the infinitely expanding community of queer boarders are taking, so stay tuned for June 9th…

A perfect cap to Pride Month that does just the opposite—perpetuates it.



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