Salomon Snowboards Presents “HINDSIGHT”

| November 9th, 2021 |

directed by Brendan Hupp

A team video isn’t an easy task to take on. Few companies have embarked on a journey to synthesize the story of their team in a single, short winter. From unforeseeable injuries to meshing new riders into a lineup of boarders that have been together for the better part of the last decade, variables like this could break the process of making a film. But the resilience of this team is seen through their ability to turn the travel restrictions of last winter into a team exercise of sorts, developing bonds that will only strengthen this group.

Traveling together through the slot machine riddled streets of Reno to the Valley of Cornices in Utah, from the Mafia run neighborhoods of New Jersey, to the frozen tundra of Minnesota, the Salomon team enters a new era with the help of director and filmer Brendan Hupp.

Featuring Harrison Gordon, Emma Crosby, Zak Hale, Desiree Melancon, Pat Fava, Luke Lund, Bode Merrill, Nils Mindich, Riley Nickerson, and more in a look back at a winter unlike one we’ve seen before.

Watch the film and also be on the lookout for our new collaboration Salomon District Bindings coming soon to our store…

Salomon Snowboards

The team in Mammoth / photo by Mike Nauman
Riley Nickerson / photo by Mike Nauman


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