“Quick Draw” A Winter During Australian Lockdown

| June 15th, 2022 |

We’re half way through June, and just when we thought the pandemic was finally behind us, long term effects of COVID-19 come creeping back. This time around, post-pandemic residuals come in the form of Raphael Louis’s newest video, as he gives us a glimpse into an unusual winter during Australia’s stringent lockdown.

The Southern Hemisphere had it really hard the past two years. Harsh covid restrictions only seemed to be compounded by the fact that Australia wasn’t blessed with snow fallen cities. This proved to be quite the obstacle, but these uncertain times allowed Raphael to document something rather certain: Australian snowboarding is alive and well.

This is one of the few by-products from lockdown that we can get behind.

**The Quick Draw crew premiered their video last weekend and held a fundraiser for the Good Vibes Foundation to help get the Australian youth on the hill. Feel free to donate here.**

Featuring: Josh Anderson, Georgia Nicholls-Austin, Raphael Louis, Luke Harvey, Russel Fortune, Sophie Nicholls-Austin, Ben Swift, and Jye Kearney

Filmed and Edited by: Raphael Louis


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