Panic Order’s “Pump Track”

| November 27th, 2021 |

In any world, panic, or sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, should never be paired with order. The two words together elicit an ineffable feeling of confusion, and, frankly, just don’t make sense together. Even so, the seemingly paradoxical crew name that you’ve grown to love now makes sense—more sense than it should. The crew’s distinctive riding and spot selection is now associated with a feeling of compatibility, as Erik Olsen documents a kind of snowboarding that everyone can get behind. “Pump Track” is their highly anticipated sequel to “where do we go,” which follows Pete, Billy, Ethan, Ben, Collin, Clay, Carlos, and many, many others as they tackle everything that Minnesota has to offer. So, watch as the crew redefines not only their crew name connotation, but Minnesota snowboarding at large.

Featuring Ethan Feldman, Ben Egan, Clay Lobben, Collin Maynard, Pete Croasdale, Billy Cotie, Carlos Becerra, Liam Johnson, Beck Lobben, Chaney Gilmore, Brady Lem, and Joe Sexton

Filmers Erik Olsen, Jon McMurry, Jake Durham, Nick Roerick, Clay Lobben, Pete Croasdale, Dan Tyler, Benny Milam, Collin Maynard, Ethan Feldman, Oliver Hoblitzelle, and Ben Egan

Intro titles by Dakota Knight

Credit Animations by Michael Warneke



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