“PREQUEL” — A Snowboard Short Following Fredrik Perry

| December 13th, 2021 |

The seriousness of day to day life should be offset with a healthy amount of laughter—it’s all about balance. We’ve seen some pretty serious movies come out this year on our site, but Freddy Perry’s “PREQUEL” sits amongst its peers in a different light. Knowing that invasive hip surgery was around the corner, Freddy developed a conceptual idea to make light of how rigid we can be within snowboarding. In doing so, he and Martin Strøm seem to be endowed with the creativity to make something that reminds us all why we got into snowboarding in the first place. It may have been the excitement for you, or it could have been the friendships it created. Hell, maybe it was just the sheer creativity, fun, and all around good time it is to strap into your board. Either way, this film is a vessel to brighten your day, so on that note, thanks Freddy, we needed this. 

Created by Fredrik Perry

Cinematography by Martin Strøm

Supported by Bent Metal Binding Works, Holzweiler, Dinosaurs Will Die, Crab Grab, Session Boardshop and Norsk Tipping.



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