Pink Dollar Possy Presents “Performance”

| November 22nd, 2021 |

While Torment Pride Week has come and gone, what it stands for is always important. Representation in snowboarding is crucial, and that is why a crew like Pink Dollar Possy is so needed and refreshing. Their voice, courage, and uniqueness as one of the only queer-centric snowboard crews are some things we cherish here at Torment, and today, like every day, we celebrate this. 

Casey Pflispsen and Elias Lamm, the founders of Pink Dollar Possy, both grew up riding the Midwest, but it wasn’t until the filming of Clockwork that they connected. Having filmed a street video and felt the camaraderie of being in a crew, Casey and Eli knew they wanted to start something different. The inception of PDP follows in the wake of summer 20’- a pivotal few months that saw rise of the inaugural Torment Pride Week and Seen Snowboarding Instagram. The vulnerability of riders like Jake Kuzyk and Jill Perkins gave them the encouragement to tackle their then unrealistic snowboard dreams.

So, with the community backing them and the momentum to match it, Pink Dollar Possy hit the streets full force this winter. By taking influence from the likes of Brian Anderson, Titus Cunt, and even Miley Cyrus, the crew coupled their inspirations with their own individuality to make something entirely their own. Their expressive nature is abundant, and whether you get enthralled from their editing and spot selection or their kit choices, there is something here for everyone. Pink Dollar Possy is fearlessly navigating the snowboard community with little to no basis to go off of. This is an exciting time for queer snowboarding, and we’re hyped to see the Pink Dollar Possy carry the conversation forward.

Watch the Pink Dollar Possy’s Torment Pride Interview below:


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