Peter Limberg’s “For Cat”

January 10th, 2021

The loss of Catherine Pesavent in November 2019 was something I had a difficult time processing. She meant everything to me and I cared very much about her. Dealing with that loss was unbearable, but snowboarding became my biggest outlet. Every time I went boarding, I would tell myself “This is for Cat.” Through this journey I gained a lot of self-growth, new appreciation and outlooks on life. I wouldn’t have realized these things if it wasn’t for Cat. This project is the culmination of how I dealt with the loss. Thank you to my family, friends, and anyone involved with making this happen, I couldn’t have done this without you. Cat, I love you always. Thank you for everything. – Peter

“For Cat” was filmed by Dan Tyler, Riley Erickson, Dan Pergrin, Zak Peterson, and Trevor Slattery 

Edited by Riley Erickson

Peter with a hefty handplant on the great pyramid of St. Paul |photo by Stephan Jende
Catherine had one the most beautiful outlooks on life. She was free spirited and lived life to the absolute fullest. Her smile lit up a room and she carried a golden halo wherever she went. | photos by Peter Limberg
All winter I called Trollhaugen “my happy place.” If I was feeling bummed out, I knew I could go there to feel better and snowboard with my best friends. Ironically, it’s where Cat grew up snowboarding and met some of her best friends. It makes that place that much more special. | photo by Peter Limberg
Peter riding the cable line | photo by Evan Pierce
Peter taking “clipping up” a little too literal | photo by Evan Pierce
Through the woods | photo by Jordan Enger
This ones “For Cat” | Layout and photo by Peter Limberg


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