Panic Order’s Where do we go

October 28th, 2020

video by Erik Olsen

Minnesota snowboarding comes with a two guarantees—consistent snow years and a yielding crop of young snowboarders who will blow your socks off year after year. This video is a great example of the latter. A dope video right down to the spots, music, and crew dynamic. So stoked to see what’s next for these guys…

Featuring: Ben Egan, Clay Lobben, Beck Lobben, Cole Solner, Joe Sexton, Billy Cotie, Cole Helgeson, Cole Magnuson, Ethan Feldman, Pete Croasdale

Additional Filming: Zak Peterson, Dan Pergrin, Jake Durham, Jon McMurry, Jacob Harms

Design by: Dakota Knight

Photos by: Jacob Harms, Clay Lobben and Ethan Feldman


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