Torment Tuesday News #96

Another Tuesday down. This week we talk hailstorms, new collaborations, and the first annual Canadian Open.

Torment Tuesday News #96

Another Tuesday down. This week we talk hailstorms, new collaborations, and the first annual Canadian Open.

May 28, 2024
Words By Your Favorite Craft Beer TTN

Almost June, but somehow there's still snowboard news to cover. Let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: Amid Mexico's third heat wave of the year, several feet of hail fell onto the town of Puebla, Mexico this past weekend. This unexpected ice storm came alongside torrential rains and whirlwinds, turning drought-ridden streets into rivers.

Crazy turn of events, especially given "a day earlier, the temperature topped out at 34.7C, surpassing the all-time record set on May 9. Friday’s high also climbed above 34C, setting a new record for May 24."

Some of the more harrowing footage to surface from Puebla locals. We got to thinking how this could happen, and what can even be done to prevent something like this. A few Google searches later and we landed on hail cannons, the devices that supposedly generate a controlled shockwave to prevent the formations of hail stones in the atmosphere.

All that said, the climate change is real sticker feels particularly true right now.

Photo: Ian Boll

Something special with Salomon landing this Fall. We headed out to Utah, linked up with Blake Moeller, and filmed some promo for what is surely the comfiest footwear you'll wear next season.

On the topic of collabs, Cobra Dogs just teamed up with Grilos Pickles to offer something extra dill-icious. Grillo’s “Pickle de Gallo,” dijonaise, a light smear of cream cheese, topped with crispy potato chips. Don't forget to make it "Grillos style."

A few days ago, Spencer Schubert bid Rail Gardens goodbye in true commemorative fashion. Old clips got us thinking about the first event we put on back in 2019. We wouldn't have wanted it to be anywhere else...enjoy a session down memory lane with a recap of our Battle at Foot Hill rail jam.

Salt Lake's most beloved place to snowboard isn't gone, it’s just a bust every time.

Photo: Cole Barash

Back in 2022, Cole Barash contributed the pocket format zine entitled, Hillman, alongside Issue FOUR. His documentation of Blake Paul and Dan Liedahl in their respective home mountain environments acted as an extension of his film, Neighborhood, and looked at how environment can influence snowboarding.  

Since then, he's been shooting a lot more fine art photography outside of snowboarding, and recently uploaded some photos from his recent project, The Western Slope. Worth the look.

Instagram Clip of the Week: LDOH with Iris Pham.