Torment Tuesday News #95

The Meltdown is real. This week we talk Northern Lights, Callery pear trees, and East Coast snowboarding.

Torment Tuesday News #95

The Meltdown is real. This week we talk Northern Lights, Callery pear trees, and East Coast snowboarding.

May 14, 2024
Words By Your Favorite Craft Beer TTN

Dwayne Johnson, Tequila, and Torment Magazine. An interesting pairing to compliment another interesting week in snowboarding. Let's get into it.

Photo: Miles Weaver

Torment Weather Report: A series of powerful solar storms colored the night sky across the Northern Hemisphere last weekend. The Aurora Borealis, more commonly known as the Northern Lights, is the result of increased solar activity where explosions of plasma and magnetic material shoot out of the sun, colliding with Earth's magnetic field.

Mammoth Mountain got some of the more vibrant auroras, with a particularly colorful spectacle above Chair 2. Miles Weaver captured it all perfectly, and is now selling the purplish red prints on his Instagram.

"There was a string of events throughout Utah & Tahoe that set the stage for our spring tour, connecting team riders and community along the way. Spring fever is real." The Signal team heads West for a few weeks of boarding at Brighton, Woodward Park City, Sierra at Tahoe, Boreal, and Kingvale.

The ThriftBoards team headed to Japan a few months back, and Trung Nguyen tagged along for the fourth year in a row. In between powder days, we caught up with the Late Nite Stars skater in the Tokyo streets to talk about how snowboarding has influenced his skate parts. Full video live on the site now.

Photo: Colton Morgan

Savannah Shinske and the Callery pear trees at the Vivant Arena. Both are blossoming right now. We're a long ways from the Dustbox's first event back in 2022, but this photo feels especially special given 686 just welcomed the Vermont native to the family.

"A casual observer could be forgiven for missing snowboarding’s Black history. The sport’s most heralded athlete, after all, is a rock-and-roll-loving redhead whose last name is White." GQ just published an article detailing Burton's Culture Shifters event, and the legacy of innovation it embraces.

A new NYC tech company, Flatiron NoMad, has developed a seemingly safe way for New York and Dublin to communicate via a 24/7 livestream instillation. Dubbed part art display, part interactive webcam, these new portals act as a "real time visual bridge" for the two cultures, but it seems like the interactive technology has taken a turn.

As with most things, someone will probably ruin it, and currently a small minority of Dublin citizens are treating the opportunity like Omegle. The livestream's close proximity to Irish pubs has to play into the inappropriate behavior that's causing it to temporarily shut down.

Photo: Tommy DeLitto

"In the mountains of the west, it becomes clear to them there is more to life than snowboarding. And some snowboarders, intentionally or not, one day find themselves living back east." 

Jonathan Van Elslander just released Back East, an article focusing on six snowboarders who left the West Coast to return to their roots. Do they feel more or less fulfilled in life outside of snowboarding now? Maybe. What would it take for them to move back? Read the article and find out.

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