Torment Tuesday News #93

Too many kinks to count. This week we talk Nate Bozung, Red Bull’s Landing Gear event, and Alterra Mountain Company.

Torment Tuesday News #93

Too many kinks to count. This week we talk Nate Bozung, Red Bull’s Landing Gear event, and Alterra Mountain Company.

April 30, 2024
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If you've never illuminated anyone's path in your life, then even a street lamp is more valuable than you. Another week, let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: 7-day forecast for Timberline is looking promising. Heavy snow through the night, with a strong change of precipitation throughout the week.

Glad to see that the lodge is healing, too. Friends of Timberline Lodge is still taking donations, all of which will go toward fire clean-up, restoration, and preservation efforts from the roof fire on April 18th.

The title says it all. Take a look inside Nate Bozung's palace, back when snowboarding's best could afford to live in New York City.

Worth revisiting his Bombhole episode after that one. An eventful 2+ hours that breaks down how Nate spent $2.3 million in two and a half years, among other things.

Jared Elston in full attendance at Red Bull's latest event, Landing Gear. 18 riders headed to Mt. Bachelor last week, and after getting put into teams of two, they were all given three days to film each a 90-second part. After a bit of everything (sun, snow, rain?), local heros Jared Elston and Dru Brownrigg took home the W.

Compiling all the team edits below (ranked in order after watching all of them once):
- Jared Elston & Dru Brownrigg
- Sean Fitzsimmons & Brock Crouch
- Ben Ferguson & Gabe Ferguson
- Arthur Longo & Olivier Gittler
- Craig McMorris & Mikey Ciccarelli
- Cannon Cummins & Jadyn Chomlack
- Valentino Guseli & Dane Menzies
- Nora Beck & Kai Huggins
- Max Reger & Alissa Bricourt

"A pioneer of 1970s color photography, Mitch Epstein has photographed for half a century how we engage with our landscape."

A worthwhile interview on one of the bigger influences in fine-art photography.

Alterra Mountain Co. is the self-proclaimed "family of 18 iconic year-round destinations, including the world's largest heli-ski operation and owner of Ikon Pass." They're probably the ones behind your favorite terrain park, and earlier this month a Colorado Sun reporter sat down with the CEO, Jared Smith, to talk climate change, next-gen finance and growing skiing without tarnishing the experience.

"We’ve reached, in my opinion, a tipping point. It is ungodly expensive and hard to bring a family of four skiing right now. And then once you’re willing to actually give us the money, then we make it nearly impossible for you to actually book. Right now 60% of our non-pass visitation is still booked on the phone. Sixty percent. When was the last time you bought anything on the phone?"

Instagram Clip of the Week: So close, yet so far with Ingólfur þór