Torment Tuesday News #90

You blink and it’s 2024. This week we talk Munich airport, VF Corp layoffs, and Sage Kotsenburg’s ubiquitous nature.

Torment Tuesday News #90

You blink and it’s 2024. This week we talk Munich airport, VF Corp layoffs, and Sage Kotsenburg’s ubiquitous nature.

December 05, 2023
Words By Your Favorite Craft Beer TTN

We gave this kid a paper route to get Issue SIX out into the world. Was supposed to go to 2,000 houses, ended up being two dumpsters. Another week, let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: The Munich airport closed for nearly a day after 17" of snow fell in parts of southern Germany. That record snowfall cancelled more than 700 scheduled flights on Saturday, with at least 200 on Sunday.

"Activities across the city were also canceled, including the Bayern Munich soccer game against Union Berlin on Saturday."

In more unlikely Munich Airport news, a Cessna Citation X (OE-HUB) was also overloaded with snowfall, causing it to tip in the midst of the storm.

Munich Airport's Twitter has all the goods to keep you updated/entertained.

VF Corp. just laid off about 500 employees under a new Reinvent Turnaround Plan. "The layoffs come as new VF President and CEO Bracken Darrell looks to speed up the turnaround of the company's Vans division and overall North America business, while cutting costs."

On the topic of Vans, Jake Kuzyk just commemorated 10 years as a part of the "Off the Wall" family. In the same week, his Bunt Interview dropped, as well as a Lessons interview with King Snow Mag where he talks about what snowboarding has taught/helped him understand about life.

Much of Torment spent the last two seasons in the backcountry with 11 knights...Gabe Ferg, Brandon Cocard, Cale Zima, Jared Elston, Blake Paul, and Parker Szumowski just to name half. What came of it all is Knights of the Brown Table, the sequel to Brock Neilsen's iconic Brown flick.

Happy to see that the Brown hiatus is over, and the reception so far has been incredible. VOTY? Mayb–Probably. Up to you guys though...2024 Snow Globes are closer than you think.

Climate Change is Real You Fucks. Definitely true, and the same can be said about your carbon footprint. Kennedi Deck gets it, and that's why she helped design and test K2's new, eco-conscious Network binding.

One of the many new hardgoods in K2's Cleaner Connection line. Cool to see them use recycled materials in place of the plastics and EVA that are traditionally used to manufacture highbacks, ankle straps, toe straps, ratchets, etc...

"The history of snowboarding in Quebec is rich, to say the least. 'Reset' from French Fragrance aligns with the history of the territory, but with the faces of the future. This crew is carrying the torch, and carrying it well."

A glimpse into Quebec's next generation featuring Frank Bélanger, Seb Picard, David Tourigny, Phil Carpentier, and Westley Willyam.

Selfie's with Sage. What more can you ask for, aside from a 2023 full part, and clips in Sebbe De Buck's new project, BUCK.

Can't forget about his acting (and clips) in CASINO, too. Don't skip the intro.

Instagram Clip of the Week: 2 steps forward, one step back with Jared Elston.