Torment Tuesday News #89

Still waiting on snow. This week we talk DC execs, the Winnepeg streets, and the wildest McDonalds out there.

Torment Tuesday News #89

Still waiting on snow. This week we talk DC execs, the Winnepeg streets, and the wildest McDonalds out there.

November 28, 2023
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A small spark can start a great fire. That's the Torment of it all. Another week, let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: There's a universal decline in snowfall, and new maps/analysis from a NOAA climate scientist show exactly where that's happening. This has a lot more implications than you'd expect...time to read up.

"Snowfall has declined 2.7% globally since 1973. The decline is particularly notable in the Northern Hemisphere's mid-latitudes, where much of the world’s population resides."

Early season snowboard fabrication with Justin Fiorante, Mark Goodall, Liam Robinson, and Jadyn Chomlack.

Little snow and lots of creativity allowing for a breath of fresh air this week.

"After many difficult years, [DC], with approximately $225 million to $250 million in annual revenue, was actually showing the largest percentage growth in the Boardriders portfolio before the sale to Authentic, according to company sources."

Even so, following the Boardriders aquisition saga, it looks like DC's Global GM and Global Head of Marketing recently resigned. A lot of factors in play for this exit, with this LinkedIn post providing a hint of clarity on it all.

"We got out some nights, grabbed our shovels and boards, and filmed every night or daylight we had the time for."

The Winnepeg streets through the lens of Kian Smeall. Shoutout Sk8 Skates.

A BTS look at the shot that opens Parker Szumowski's interview in Issue SIX. Steep, contorted, and scary. Talking about the rail, but also his feature interview. Dr. Zoom speaks on Burning Man, riding a helicopter with Jaime Lynn, earning his nickname, and much more in Citizen Kain.

See the full clip in Vans' new video, bless the ledge/secret tape.

"Unless you’ve been living without Instagram, you may have noticed a recent influx in older snowboarding footage finding a new life living on social media." This is true for Robot Food's Lame, as well as the other 120+ archived snowboard videos on @lostsnowboardvideos YouTube channel.

We've been curious about this cryptic account, and frankly how they've been able to upload all this old content, so it was cool to read King Snow's recent interview with two of the minds behind it all. Trevor Avant and Richard Madrid answer some pointed questions here.

Some things are too good (bad?) to be true. In the case of fast food, there's a McDonalds at the top of Lindvallen, a Swedish ski resort 200 miles northwest of Stockholm. You can get a McDouble mid-blizzard, but what's more shocking is that there's a functioning drive ski-thru attached to the wood paneled establishment.

None of this really makes sense, so we did a bit of digging to make sure it was all fact. Per Johns Garage's YouTube video from 8 years ago, this is in fact a more than a marketing hoax. Wild.

Instagram Photo of the Week: 3 Years in the Making for Cooper Whittier.