Torment Tuesday News #83

A lot to unpack from the past two weeks. Let’s talk OG Brown Cinema, Chicago street spots, and new movie trailers.

Torment Tuesday News #83

A lot to unpack from the past two weeks. Let’s talk OG Brown Cinema, Chicago street spots, and new movie trailers.

September 26, 2023
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After a day's walk, everything has twice its usual value. Another week, let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: La Sambuy, a family run ski resort near Mont Blanc in the French Alps, has decided to dismantle its ski lifts due to lack of snow. Hard to think that anything but global warming has shrunk its ski season down to just a few weeks.

"Able to open for fewer than five weeks during January and February, Dalex said the resort was looking at an annual operating loss of roughly 500,000 euros ($530,000). Keeping the lifts going alone costs 80,000 euros per year."

In light of the trailer for Brown's new movie, Knights of the Brown Table, we thought it'd be nice to bring it back to one of their founding members. Keegan Valaika's Eversince part came out around the same time that Brown did (2016), but why now has it resurfaced on their YouTube channel?

Long story short, Keegan planned to have his footage laid over “The Toys Go Winding Down,” by Primus, but the music rights overlords didn't allow that to happen. Brock Nielsen—the man who filmed and edited both Keegan's Eversince part and Brown—decided to upload the video part in its original form. Thanks for this, Brock...only 31 days until his next brain child premieres at our Issue SIX release party.

Speaking of Eversince, we got an impressive email from Craig, who made it abundantly clear how stacked the Chicago suburbs are. Absinthe filmed there in 2015, and aside from a few other one off sessions, there's a pristine selection of steel that's yet to be explored.

Should be a wet winter around the Great Lakes, so if you're in the Chi hit up Craig...he'd love to show you around.

We're always down for the raw clips, and in the case of this down bar session, an unadulterated documentation of RP transcends any song or editing. Same goes for Mike Liddle, as he takes down two spots in a matter of hours.

"One day in early spring the crew went to check out one of Ryan’s favorite spots. Ryan didn’t really have one single trick in mind so he just went to town and had himself a nice little session! Here’s how it went down, in no particular order, enjoy all the natural noise and rawness."

Milosport got broken into the other week. The front door was smashed, and rumor has it a few items from the front were quickly taken before the suspect fled down 3330 S. He has since been found and prosecuted.

In other shop news, there seems to be more luck on the east coast. Darkside just announced that their Okemo location will reopen in time for winter. 28 inches of water and endless mud stands no chance against the SoVT community.

でも肝心な所は何も変わってねーぜ?Snowboardがダサいんじゃない、今やってる奴らが分かってねーんだ、俺らは違うぜ。2015年からただボケてたんじゃないって事観にきてくれよ // "Those who were young are now crisp, and those who were old are now older☠️ But the important thing is that nothing has changed, right? It's not that Snowboarding is lame, it's that the people who are doing it now don't understand it, we're different. Please come and see that I haven't just been an idiot since 2015."

A few other teasers (or trailers?) worth noting: Ride Europe's RADAR, Brown Cinema's Knights of the Brown Table, and Melter 3.

Word on the street is dorothy was so good it almost burnt the Clubhouse down—hence the two stars of the film paying tribute to the firemen that had to come save the day. Shitty jokes aside, Norm wrote a recap of the night, and it seems like there are a few reasons why the fire department had to attend.

The weekend following, everyone flocked to Venue 6SIX9 instead of the Clubhouse for the global premiere of Ride Snowboard's RATED R. Recap of the night, as seen through the eyes of Stark, will be up on the site soon enough.

Burton started the second season of their video series MY TURN, an opportunity to dig into five stories from our global community that will reshape your perspective of snowboarding.

For this episode, Selema Masekela travels to the Alps and interviews Dima, a 13-year-old Ukrainian refugee, and his family to hear their story and learn about the peace they have found through snowboarding.

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Instagram Clip of the Week: Ryo Aizawa isn't on the fence about Cardona laps.