Torment Tuesday News #76

August is only a week away. Until then, we talk Billie Eilish’s latest fit, a Mack Dawg classic, and Denmark’s progressive ski slope.

Torment Tuesday News #76

August is only a week away. Until then, we talk Billie Eilish’s latest fit, a Mack Dawg classic, and Denmark’s progressive ski slope.

July 25, 2023
Words By Torment Staff TTN

Torment Summer Retreat may have been cancelled this year, but our presence is still found on a few chairlifts. Another week, let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: Unprecedented heat waves have us daydreaming about the polar opposite. With an analysis of the past and present weather data in mind, it's clear the world's coldest continent is Antarctica. What's a little more subjective is the coldest place on earth, which brings up the case study of East Antarctic Plateau, Antarctica.

"The lowest air temperature ever measured by a weather station, minus 89.2 degrees Celsius (minus 129 degrees Fahrenheit), was recorded there at Vostok Station on July 23, 1983. But weather stations can’t measure temperatures everywhere."

All this talk of the South Pole got us thinking about its northern counterpart. Two “ends of the world” lying at opposite extremes of the planet. 

Both are cold, but after watching Vans' Arctic Roses, it seems like there's a bit more to explore above the Arctic Circle. When Arthur Longo, Brian Iguchi, Severin Van Der Meer, Wolle Nyvelt, and other tenured pros are your guides, the end of the world seems a bit more inviting.

A recent Billie Eilish photoshoot surfaced on her instagram. Safe to say snowboarder engagement makes up a microscopic portion of the 5.1 million likes, but we like to think our support of her 32 Lashed boots doesn't go unnoticed.

Perfect time to resurface Lil Wayne's iconic Lakers fit from 2011. Dapping up Kanye courtside in the Vans x Celtek Hi Standard boot.

Kas Lemmens' full part from HEXAGON has surfaced on MethodTV. More full parts from the two-year project below:

- Sebi Springeth
- Benny Urban
- Toni Kerkela

Our Torment Street Team is always on the look out for spots. Usually for the better, sometimes for the worse. This time around, SLC Street Team correspondent, Ben Bilodeau, caught wind of the iconic DECADE dfd mid-destruction.

This intel isn't photoshop—the rail is about to be long gone. Pay tribute by watching DECADE until your eyes bleed. RIP.

This is the kind of stuff we love to see. It raises questions like is this the future of snowboarding?, but also makes us appreciate what we've yet to experience.

An innovative, climate-positive waste-to-energy plant has popped up in Copenhagen, Denmark. Dubbed the CopenHill, this structure serves as a two-for-one attraction. There's a duality of functionality that we hope to experience in the States within the next decade.

July 23rd, 2023. Let it be known. It was only a matter of time until the perfect license plate made its way into our inbox.

Could you argue that it was only a matter of time until Cooper Whittier strapped into a Ride board, too? His most recent clips from Woodward Copper landed in our inbox around the same time that the license plate did...

Instagram Clip of the Week: Iris Pham's love letter to Mammoth.