Torment Tuesday News #54

2023’s well underway. This week we talk Mike Liddle going pro, Calgary laws, and Sunday in the Park.

Torment Tuesday News #54

2023’s well underway. This week we talk Mike Liddle going pro, Calgary laws, and Sunday in the Park.

January 10, 2023
Words By Torment Staff TTN

Wouldn't be completely honest if we said the cops didn't give them a hard time. Didn't get the boot, though. Let's get into it.

Torment Weather Report: Meteorologist Chris Tomer teamed up with Oakley to provide twice-weekly snow forecasts. Still trying to wrap our heads around this visualization, but, from what we've gathered, you'd wanna be riding any mountain on the bottom of this circle.

In case you're more for the audiovisual weather reports, Tommy Gesme provided some insight into the Minnessota snow pack in his latest gram. Colton Feldman clips never hurt.

Impaler Mag premiered their new video, SUM SH*T, at Trollhaugen this past weekend. A new movie at the MN native's home mountain provided for the perfect place to turn PRO. Throwing in his 2014 part from THERE IS NO RETURN to remind you that this is long overdue.

May be premature, but we think it's safe to say SUM SH*T will be live on the site by the end of next week. Still premature, but we're gonna make an educated guess that Mike Liddle's *ender part* is definitely worth the wait.

New Alberta law (hopefully ordinance) on snow removal. Police can now fine people for placing snow where it doesn’t belong, or, better yet, not shoveling when supposed to.

"Calgary winters are more safe and manageable when everyone pitches in to clear snow and ice. While The City does its part clearing roads, designated pathways, sidewalks and other high-use public areas, section 67 of the Street Bylaw requires Calgary property owners to"

Sunday scaries, beeee gooooone. Myrie Metzger, Lenny Mazzotti, Mike Cook, and Drayden Gardner are back for the first installment of Sunday in the Park. Hopefully the first line in the video sets the tone for the rest of the season—eerily reminiscent of Denis Leontev's clips from a while back.

Seems like Dominik Wagner went "harder than anyone" for the Hexagon Project. Clips (specifically his ender on the 360 creeper rail) surely back that. He sat down with Method Mag to discuss his motivation and process behind filming, family life, and his future. Up on Method's site now.

Old El Paso (yeah, the taco company) put on a rail jam behind a Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas last weekend. Shaun White was there promoting his new product #FiestaTwists. Photos were taken.

"The Great Salt Lake in Utah is facing 'unprecedented danger,' experts say, as it has fallen to an alarmingly low level amid a climate change-fueled megadrought that’s tightening its grip in the West." Unfortunately, this CCN Climate post comes as secondhand knowledge at this point. The comments section boasts some pretty interesting ideas for change—check em out.

Instagram Clip of the Week: A quick tap from Brent Behm