Torment Tuesday News #101

One more sunset until the dog days of summer. This week we talk Dillon Ojo, House Call Only, and UFO sightings.

Torment Tuesday News #101

One more sunset until the dog days of summer. This week we talk Dillon Ojo, House Call Only, and UFO sightings.

July 02, 2024
Words By Your Favorite Craft Beer TTN

The snowboarder's equivalent to "clean me." Another week, let's get into.

Torment Weather Report: Hurricane Beryl is giving "historic storm" a new definition. After heavy rains and cyclonic winds (100+ mph) hit the Windard Islands on Monday, Beryl became the earliest Atlantic Category 5 hurricane overnight. The storm reached Category 5 strength over two weeks earlier than the previous record - Emily - from July 16, 2005. A telling sign of the hurricane season ahead.

Destructive winds and surge flooding are set to continue west-northwest in the eastern Caribbean Sea throughout the week, leaving Jamaica, the Cayman Islands and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula under severe hurricane warnings. Photo updates of the Eastern Caribbean here.

This past Saturday marked the six-year anniversary of Dillon's passing. 🌹's seemed to be ever-present over the weekend, and we found ourselves rewatching some of his best footage in ROSES to compliment. 3 best friends, two trips, and one freak snowstorm that hit the Twin Cities a few years ago.

ROSES was filmed almost entirely during the infamous Twin Cities snowstorm on April 13-16, 2018. 15+ inches fell across the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area, and Spencer Schubert, Cole Navin, + Dillon Ojo took advantage. Jake Durham captured lightning in a bottle—underrated video is an understatement.

Photo: Jake Durham

Side note: a lot of overlap with the ROSES crew and the House Call Only video, SØRENGA 1000. Mentally, we're still in 2018, so here's the OG premiere flyer from that video.

A few other favorites from the Durham vault:
- super cool hyland edit

Another week, another upload to the Lost Snowboard Videos YouTube Channel. This week feels particularly sentimental with the release of Givin One. Nice reminder that 2011 was over a decade ago (and that you're old).

Next logical step was to find Givin Too, but after the ole college try we only found Forest Bailey's full part and the full-length for purchase on Youtube. Give it a month before the next one lands on the above YouTube channel.

Photo: Unsplash

Colorado ranks as the 12th U.S. state with the most UFO reports, and earlier this month roughly a dozen employees at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre reported the latest sighting. The workers at this iconic Morrison, Colorado venue described a dark metallic disk that appeared north of the amphitheater at around 1 a.m. on June 5th.

"It had three levels of windows, almost like really long 3 story office building. This thing was totally silent. It didn't make a sound. What's even crazier is that as soon as we all started noticing it and stopped what we were doing to pay attention to it, the craft tipped at an angle and slowly started moving belly-first to the east. Then it started fading away until it was invisible. It didn't shoot off into the distance. It simply dissolved into the ether. We all watched it vanish." Full NUFORC UFO Sighting here.

Instagram Clip of the Week: A summer camp clip that lives rent-free in our head.