Top 5 Most Influential Parts of All-Time With Savannah Shinske

There’s a reason Savannah appreciates good outfits, simple tricks, and kink rails. Here’s why.

Top 5 Most Influential Parts of All-Time With Savannah Shinske

There’s a reason Savannah appreciates good outfits, simple tricks, and kink rails. Here’s why.

December 01, 2023
Words By Savannah Shinske Top 5

Photos by: Oli Gagnon

When you first see a clip that stands out from the rest, it seems like there's something so special, so magical about it, and you can't quite put your finger on it. Although a bit of the magic always remains just that, I think sometimes, you can put your finger on parts of it. Outfits, filming, architecture, the way a trick is executed, even things as seemingly trivial as lighting, all play a huge role in what makes a clip extra special. The five parts Savannah has picked out are full of clips that stand out from the rest, full of very intentional choices, and full of magic. They are pillars of tasteful and expressive snowboard videos, evoking emotion and intertwining outside inspiration while never taking away from the snowboarding itself. It's not hard to see the impact all these videos have had on Savannah's riding, creative process, and the path she is currently on. Good outfits, simple tricks, cool looking spots, and always chasing that extra little bit of magic.

— Parrish Isaacs

Kennedi Deck - Vans' EVERGREEN. (2020)

Kennedi's Part: 8:05

Kennedi has been a nonstop inspiration to me ever since I saw their first video part in Twist. They’ve been dialed from the very beginning, which is rare. I feel like it takes most people a little bit to figure out what kind of spots they want to ride, what tricks to do, or how to dress…we all have some wacky footage. Not Kennedi. 

Ken's part in EVERGREEN. stood out to me in particular, and has been on repeat ever since it came out. It was so inspiring to see them in a Vans video, not to mention how well they meshed with the crew. The clip of everyone getting all hyped after they almost land the front board on that kink—that energy is awesome. The fence ollie to switch fence ollie line is maybe one of my favorite clips of all time, too. The front side 180 gap to rail was also done so well, they have such good pop and land perfectly on the rail. I could go on and on, every clip is special.

Watching Kennedi’s video parts has shaped my approach to snowboarding. They know their strengths and lean into them. It’s evident that they value doing a trick in control with style, rather than trying to squeak around a sketchy 270. That less is more attitude is now something I value and try to implement in my own snowboarding.

Jake Kuzyk - Vans' Landline. (2018)

Landline. released around the same time that I started getting into street snowboarding/watching more videos. It was maybe even my introduction to Jake Kuzyk. 

Jake's Landline. part instantly epitomized what a pro snowboarder should look like. The clip of him on the plane wearing headphones and laughing, the beautiful scenery with hills and snow EVERYWHERE, Rav giving him bunny ears, the New Order song—it all seemed magical. I was thinking this is it, this is the coolest shit ever… traveling the world snowboarding with your friends, this is what I want. I didn't even understand how good the snowboarding actually was, my knowledge for spots and style wasn’t there yet. All I knew was that I wanted that experience someday, it was dreamlike. Fast forward five years, now Jake is one of my favorite snowboarders and I have a much deeper appreciation for the many things that make his Landline. part exceptional. 

You don’t typically see a lot of turning in street snowboarding vids. Typically it’s drop-in straight to the rail. Jake’s parts are different, he prioritizes riding his snowboard. He moves the snow where it needs to go, always having plenty of inrun and landing. I always try to keep that in mind when setting up a spot, asking myself, “would Jake approve of this landing?” Haha. A great example of this in Landline. is the tail press back 180 out on the metal window cover. He does an epic toe side carve into it which is equally as important as the spot/trick itself, it completes the clip. 

Some other clips from this part that I really like are the cellar door hit to boardslide on the kink rail, and the front lip slappy to the front board on the curve rail. I love how he uses those spots to their full potential. In both scenarios, the rails alone would have been sick, but the line makes them next level. Seriously, the front lip slappy to the front board on the curve rail…so good. 

Everyone - Good Sport (2005)

I really can't choose my favorite “part” in Good Sport. The whole video is incredible, start to finish. Choosing one section just doesn't make sense. The dog barking inside of a burned down house, Derrek’s uncle helping put the drop-in ramp onto the minivan, Spencer dropping in as a flock of birds disperse around him. How do these clips even exist??

The gap to rail house spot is unbelievable and everyone gets a piece of it in their own right. Spencer’s transfer, Tommy’s switch back lip, and Derrek’s cab 270. Typically I don't like it when people ride the same spot, but this was so tasteful and tied everyone's footage together so well. 

Derek's line, the boardslide on the pink kink rail to frontboard the green flat down ledge, I could cry. Tommy’s boardslide on the crazy curve kink rail, and he does it TWICE. Spencer's frontside 50 on the kink to frontboard fakie on the next kink, Colton is a follow cam god. Every trick in this video is done well and filmed so proper—no slop on either end whatsoever. Colton did an amazing job capturing it and putting it together. Good Sport is the gold standard of street snowboarding videos.

Cole Navin - Vans' EVERGREEN. (2020)

Not that many pro snowboarders reside on the East Coast. A lot are from there, but not many stay. So, seeing someone I looked up to at the mountain was kind of rare. I would sometimes see Cole around at Loon or Mount Snow, and it was always so exciting. I'd be fanning out pretty hard like, “oh my god, that's Cole Navin.” 

When I think of Cole’s part in EVERGREEN., there are a few things that instantly come to mind. For starters, I love how the nighttime follow cam line was filmed. The filmer is in front the whole time and Cole lands right in the camera perfectly. The 5050 on the ledge to boardslide on the flat down, then quickly ollie over the bike rack is sick too. I love the way he does the boardslide and the ollie, and the way he moves his body is so sick—such good style. Also can't forget the ender clip. The song changes and your attention is focused on this flickering yellow street light, and then Cole comes cruising in wearing this yellow jacket. You can't see the whole spot so you have no idea what to expect. I love that suspense. 

The bag of tricks that I am willing to do at a spot is pretty limited, and Cole's EVERGREEN. part made me feel okay with that. It’s relatable in a sense. Not that I could ever do any of the things that Cole did, but it was more relatable than watching someone do a massive gap 270 or something. This part is for sure what inspired me to want to ride kink rails.

Cole Navin - living room (2021)

Everyone has a different relationship with snowboarding. What it means to them, what they get out of it, why they do it—no one's experience is the same. living room encapsulates Cole's relationship and experience with snowboarding, and the world at large. The ability to capture that and portray it in a way that evokes emotion is rare, to say the least. I get a pit in my stomach everytime I watch living room, which is exactly what I am looking for when watching a snowboard video. I want to feel something. 

To me snowboarding is about much more than the act itself. It's about the process, exploring new places with friends, and capturing those moments. It's about self expression. That’s why I love living room, it’s so much more than just a “snowboard” video.