No better time than the present to go to our store and enter a 16-digit number.


No better time than the present to go to our store and enter a 16-digit number.

December 13, 2020
Words By Torment Staff News

Torment Magazine Issue THREE is Now on Sale

Issue THREE.
Presented by Vans, K2, Ride, and Salomon, Issue Three is a 230-page, ad-free, year-end magazine that might as well be a book. It provides a deep look at the triumphs, issues, and experiences in our snowboard community in the last year.

Highlights Include:
Brighton Article by Blake and Oli
Milwaukee Story by Cole and the Vans crew for Evergreen
Spencer, Derrek, and Tommy in Russia for Good Sport
A Token Conversation with Desiree and Barrett Christy-Cummins
Sage and Gabe Strike Alaska for Halcyon
A Follow Up Pride Interview with Tanner Pendleton
Over 100 Gallery photographs
Pull-Out Poster, and much more

Featuring photography by:
Alexis Paradis, Andrew Miller, Antosh Cimoszko, Ben Littler, Dean “Blotto” Gray, Carlos Becerra, Chris Baldry, Colton Morgan, Darrell Mathes, Dominic Zimmermann, Eli Olson, Erik Hoffman, Evan Chandler-Soanes, Evgeny Ponchikz, Jake Price, Jeremy Thornberg, Jerome Tanon, Jon Stark, Joseph Roby, Liam Glass, Marc O’Malley, Matt Georges, Oli Gagnon, Julien “Perly” Petry, Phil Mckenzie, Stephan Jende, Tom "T Bird" Monterosso, Ted Borland, Tim Zimmerman, Chad Unger, Remy Fournier, Louif Paradis, Jake Durham, Colton Feldman, Bryden Bowley, Cole “Taco” Martin, Derrek Lever, Benny Urban, and Chris Brunkhart

Artwork by: Mike Ravelson, Nik Baden, Jeff Griffin

Contributing Writers: Blake Paul, Tanner Pendleton, Spencer Schubert, Derrek Lever, Cole Navin, Desiree Melancon, Scotty Wittlake, Jeremy Thornberg, Darrell Mathes, Kennedi Deck

Perfect Bound, PUR glue
Gloss Cover, 130# weight
100 # text weight
9.5 x 12.25 in
2.55 lbs

Printed at Sutherland Printing in the USA - 2020