Onlookers III — Full Movie

| December 1st, 2021 |

​​The Midwest has always been a progressive region for snowboarding. A healthy snowfall will turn this landscape into a snowboard haven analogous to a customized Skate 3 map. The possibilities are endless. Onlookers epitomizes this Midwest appeal through their third feature film, only reinforcing what we already know.

Unlike other seasons, this winter was different for Onlookers. Some members decided to take an untraditional approach, where injuries dictated their spot selection. Instead of prioritizing high consequence tricks, standout members like Alex Kirkland decided to explore more creative and technical riding—a style we’ve always appreciated. Alex’s riding was only complimented by the reintegration of seasoned riders like Cody Beirsdorf, Jeffy Gabrick, and Blake Geis, which was a great dynamic to watch.

Additions to the crew don’t stop there, though, as Trevor Slattery’s involvement is also not something to overlook:

 “Unlike our previous videos, Trevor edited about half the video while it had been just Dan Pergrin doing all of the editings before. Trevor also played a crucial role in filming almost all of Gavin Matson’s footage. Both these guys work full-time jobs, so a lot of their filming was late-night solo missions” – Evan Pierce

While this past year and a half has definitely posed some unprecedented struggles, it’s comforting to see how powerful new people and a new perspective can be. This video is a testament to successful Midwest snowboarding amidst a global pandemic.

Film/Edit: Dan Pergrin & Trevor Slattery

Additional Filming: Dan Tyler, Derek Combs, James Lingle, Bill Brandt, Erik Olsen, Jake Durham, Blake Geis, Evan Pierce, Eli Lamm, Jordan Enger, Cody Beiersdorf

Featuring: Alex Kirkland, Joey Peterson, Blake Geis, Peter Limberg, Jeffy Gabrick, Dan Pergrin, Gavin Matson, Jamal Awadallah, Eli Lamm, James Lingle, Casey Pflipsen, Tony Wagner, Chaney Gilmore, Calvin Green, Cody Beiersdorf, Mike Liddle, Blake Lamb

Cover Photo: Blake Geis & Evan Pierce



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