“OASEN”: A Vans Europe Snowboard Film

| November 17th, 2021 |

Filmed by Alex Pfeffer and Matt Georges

With recent developments like Out of the Public Eye and Jill Perkins’ addition to the team, Vans Snow keeps the ball rolling with their latest release from their European team. “OASEN” aims to highlight the escapist roots that the video is founded on, as the Vans Euro team turns towards the streets of Austria, Switzerland and Sweden to find their oasis during this time of unknown. With such a stacked crew, it’s no surprise that their creativity, spot selection, and friendship evokes the inspiration to find your own safe haven. If you are still searching, then “OASEN” surely sets the precedent.

OASEN is Swedish for OASIS ; a pleasant area in the midst of a difficult place or hectic situation. A refuge. In this uncertain time, and in life in general, everyone is constantly searching for their Oasis. Snowboarding defines that escapism. Vans’ Europe Snowboarding team’s latest film, Oasen, is made with the intention of inspiring others to go out and find their own Oasen, wherever that may be. 

Filmed in Austria, Switzerland and Sweden, and driven by one of our most inspiring riders; Benny Urban, Oasen follows a tight crew of good friends on their quest to push the boundaries of street riding through creativity and good times. Opening up the city through a fresh creative outlook, with a heavy influence from a deep love of skateboarding, The Vans Euro Snow team is proud to present Oasen. 

Starring : Benny Urban, Kas Lemmens, Dominik Wagner, Ivika JurgensonSebi Springeth, Nils Arvidsson and Alek Oestreng.

Driven by: Benny Urban

Documented by: Alex Pfeffer and Matt Georges

Art direction: Fabian Fuchs


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