“NEIGHBORHOOD” a film by Cole Barash

| November 15th, 2021 |

Directed by Cole Barash

We are always after insight. Especially when it surrounds a subject of interest. Hearing Blake Paul and Dan Liedahl explain what snowboarding means to them, at its most basic and premature element, the art of resort riding, scratches that itch and provides context we may have overlooked. And most importantly, you end up wanting to ride and replicate those expressed feelings. With a lot of the same these days, this is not your average snowboard film, as Cole Barash explains: 

Neighborhood is a short film that taps into a place from where and why I began snowboarding. A place that is about the feeling of riding your local hill, doing a million laps and having a shit eating grin the entire time with your friends for no reason than to just be. It was what you had and you made the best of it because it was the best.  

Within this piece, I went to spend time with Danimals at his home in Minnesota, and got a taste of the absolutely amazing rope tow culture—so rooted it feels ahead of its time. Then I spent a chunk with Blake Paul where he lives in SLC riding Brighton. The access to terrain, big squad vibe and the Milly chair.  

I hope in the end, some crew of young-ass groms from the middle of nowhere sees this film and gets them hyped.  Hyped to not need a helicopter, fly to a city to jib, or to be stressing on stacking. Just fired up to go up and take some laps, talk shit to each other and have a good time. As at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.” 

Directed by Cole Barash

Edited and co/directed by Pep Kim

Cinematography by Michael Cukr, Harry Hagan, Pep Kim, and Cole Barash

Music by Thom Pringle, Billy Mcfeely, and Ray Barbee

Supported by Vans Snowboarding

This film was made in conjunction with Hillman, a zine shot by Cole. If Neighborhood is the motion picture version of the project, then Hillman is the photographic, tangible extension. As said before, it comes free with each copy of Torment Magazine Issue FOUR.



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