Paid Programming presents “Less Than Lost”

| November 23rd, 2021 |

We’re glad to see the Ontario scene thriving amidst the pandemic. Just like everyone else, the Paid Programming boys dealt with the repercussions of COVID restrictions, which forced them to do a lot more day trips this winter. With most of the crew being 2-3 hours away, the silver lining of these unfavorable drives was that the crew got closer than ever before. The willingness to drive hours to snowboard with your friends is a testament to the dedication that this crew put forth this season. Watch along and see their hard work pay off.

“Looking back, it was cool to see the devotion everyone had towards the project, I think a lot of us had grown up aspiring to make videos and this was our chance to come together and make it happen.”- Jesse Jarrett

“Less Than Lost” by Paid Programming

Riders: Jesse Jarrett, Dawson McLachlan , Vinny Laz, Tomi Maletic, Quin EllulChris FellnerMike RotsaertMorgan Richter, Mike Shoreman, Dave Zaugg, and friends.

Edited by: Jesse Jarrett and Vinny Laz

Filmed by: Jesse Jarrett, Vinny Laz and Pat Quesnel

Photos by: Chris Fitzsimmons

All photos by Vinny Laz 


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