“KANSAS”, an audio visual gift from The Dust Box

| December 31st, 2021 |

From the anti-climactic countdown parties to the unparalleled hangovers the next morning, New Year’s has always been a monumental holiday. A night of dancing, eating, drinking, and partying, often culminated around the ball drop, is what to expect every year. This time around, The Dust Box gives us a less superficial reason to celebrate—an audio visual testament to the fact that snowboarding is thriving. No need to wait until midnight, watch The Dust Box’s newest release and start celebrating the fact that you’re either with them or against them.

Presented and made possible by Volcom™️

Filmed by: Colton Morgan and Morgan Jennings

Additional filming: Nate Hanson

Featuring: Reid Smith, Jill Perkins, Max Tokunaga, David Steiggerwald, Cooper Whittier, Tommy Towns, Jonas Harris, Benny Milam, Robby Meeehan, Cody Warble, Nik Baden, Jared Elston, Gabe Furgeson, Dan Mcgonagle, Sam Taxwood, YUTO YAMADA, ugp, Peter Cerulo, Ryan Collins, Noah “bean” Brown, Miles Fallon, Denver Orr, Keegan Hosefros, Chaney Gilmore, Blake Lamb, ugk, Jordan Morse, and Caleb Flowers



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