K2 Snowboarding X Peter Sutherland

| December 9th, 2021 |

ABOUT THE ARTIST | Peter Sutherland is a lifelong snowboarder (and total hippie) that’s spent his life focusing on creating. Colorado raised and bouncing around the states as of recently, Peter’s work speaks for itself and is visible in all kinds of mediums – leaning on photography, graphic design, painting and installation pieces.

ABOUT THE GRAPHIC | “Our son Nima is 3 years old and I got really into making Play-Doh with him and he always requests for me to make things. He usually asks for a surfboard with fins, a man, or a monster truck. These ideas morphed into the van and the mushroom for the board graphics and a mash of several colors of Play-Doh rolled flat for the bases.” – Peter Sutherland

ABOUT THE INSTRUMENT | For some of us each run at the resort is like listening to a jazz band play a live show – it’s spontaneous, making decisions on the fly, where to carve, where to slash, and how fast to roll into that side hit. The easiest way to describe it is that you simply get into the groove, and like a musician riffs on their stand-up bass, the K2 Instrument is the snowboard that you need to navigate the contours of the terrain as they come.

Featuring: Peter Sutherland, Caley Vanular, Caleb Flowers, and Parker Szumowski

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All Photos by Marc O’Malley



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