K2 Snowboarding Presents “For Instance…”

| January 27th, 2022 |

In the wise words of K2 Snowboards:

“Fractals are never ending patterns – the pictures of chaos.

A pattern can be limitless. The potential is fractal.”

If this confused you, then let’s break it down a bit. Fractals are “infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales.” They usually occur in nature, so it’s only right that K2 highlights this pattern on snow.

K2’s newest film illustrates this process to a T. For years now, this strong crew, bound by the eclectic riding of Sage Kotsenburg, Parker Szumowski, Kennedi Deck, Mark Wilson, and Jake Kuzyk, has embodied this cyclical process. In other words, they seem to follow a pattern of putting out content year after year. FLICKERING gave us this hunch, and once BIG BAND came out a year later, we knew they were on to something. This fractal-esc pattern only seems to become more evident after For Instance…

Enjoy the video and hopefully you learned a bit more about K2 and their mathematical significance outside of snowboarding.

Principle Videography and Edit by Seamus Foster

Additional Filming by Tyler Orton, Jon Stark, Logan Beaulieu, and Marc O’Malley

All Photos by Jeremy Thornburg and Marc O’Malley


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