Jill Perkins 2021 Remix Part

| December 29th, 2021 |

It’s always refreshing to watch a remix part. The opportunity to see someone’s season in a new light is intriguing, and when it’s one of our favorite riders, we’re that much more inclined to press play.  

Aside from Jill’s presence on the board, we’re also intrigued with Jake Durham’s presence behind the screen. Jill’s spot selection, tricks, and kits are only half the equation, as her riding is heavily influenced by the other, frankly less talked about, part of the puzzle. The person pointing the camera at a rider has the ability to showcase his or her riding in whatever capacity is desired, and Jake Durham’s creative liberties mesh seamlessly with Jill’s style. Thanks Durham, as your ability to capture Jill’s season makes us even more excited for what this winter has in store for her.

Featuring: Jill Perkins

Filmed by: Colton Morgan, Mo Jennings, Jon Stark, Jake Durham, Desiree Melancon, Jack Reid, and The Dust Box

Edited by: Jake Durham

All Photos by Jill Perkins




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