if a poem was a human 

A short trip to Boreal with Bryden Bowley, Naima Antolin and Mike Rav.

December 28th, 2020

video, photos, and words by Bryden Bowley

If a poem could be a human, Mike is one. He has a way with words. He’s intuitive. When he speaks, he speaks with intention. Conversations with Mike leave you floating with those inspired feelings, and deep thoughts.

If you’ve ever spent time with Mike or Naima, you will understand me when I say that they both emanate an indescribable energy. They are welcoming, and they make you feel like you’re home.

When they invited me on an impromptu trip to Tahoe, I eagerly accepted.

We relaxed, drank coffee, skated, cruised boreal, laughed till our stomachs hurt, and ate delicious food (see Mike’s shepard’s pie recipe). The trip was all-time, and when it was all over, Mike and I decided to take the train back to Salt Lake, because why not.

The train ride home was a trip. Literally and figuratively. 

We sat in silence and listened to the chatter of the other passengers. One man in particular, was talking to himself. This man seemed to be struggling, and in some ways I related to him due to my family’s history of mental illness and pain. I felt like I was in a movie, and the things he said spoke to me.

“Ok, so the train gets into Reno in 30 mins. Ok I’m sorry bud, I talk to myself. My old stomping grounds. Once I get in, I got a room at motel 6. I’m just saying all of this to remind myself. I wish I could go into bed right now. I’ve got a return ticket at 7am, but shit, who knows if I’ll make that. If I don’t, I’m getting a super glue tattoo. I’ve got shit to do. Shut up Jim. By the time I get my pills sorted out and.. oh shit I forgot about the haircut. Man I’ve got shit to do. This and that and the other nightmares I’ve had. Stay positive, keep your faith, everything is gonna work out, just relax.”  

Throughout the quiet 12-hour train ride, I looked over at Mike and noticed him writing in his journal. Somehow I felt telepathic—I knew that he was reminiscing on the epic trip we just had. I’m certain he was expressing himself and his feelings on our last three days with a pen and paper. We all express ourselves in different ways, it’s part of being human.

This video and these photos are my expression.


Thank you Mike, Naima, Jaimee, and Torment.

Added Bonus; A Shepard’s Pie Recipe



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