Strange Brew X Pay The Rent = “I Love You, Say It Back”

| December 3rd, 2021 |

Artwork by Keenan Faulkner-Cawley

In a world so caught up in the superficialities of society—maybe your cold brew tastes strange or your overbearing landlord is pestering you for rent—it’s nice to see the collaboration of two crews that connect for a genuine reason, the sheer fun and friendship that a snowboard can create. This crew convergence brings together original styles from the likes of Keenan Faulkner-Cawley, Danny Kern, Ian Daly, Nial Romanek, Christine Savage, among many, many others.

Aside from 28 minutes of the creative snowboarding (check out the fence clips) and hijinks that have become characteristic of Strange Brew and Pay the Rent, I Love You, Say It Back documents a more serious elephant in the room. Their film reminds us to prioritize our friends and the things that make us happy—don’t forget to tell your friends you love them, and hopefully they say it back.  

Featuring : Ryan Pluche, Ian Daly, Benny Kaufman, Keenan Faulkner-Cawley, Freddy McCarthy, Christine Savage, Keegan Hosefros, Scotty Griff, Mike Gray, Nick Guin, Daniel Salazar, Danny Kern, Taylor Elliot, Nial Romanek, and some of our dearest friends.

Wise words from Keenan Faulkner-Cawley

All Photos by Danny Kern



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