“HELL GATE”, a NYC Film by Andy Conte

| November 8th, 2021 |

The 120,000 blocks that span the five boroughs of New York City brings countless activities characteristic of almost every culture in the world. Whether you plan to take in the iconic Times Square, try a new dish in Chinatown, or walk to that obscure bar in Williamsburg, that is up to you, but one thing is for certain—there is no shortage of culture to be explored. However, due to seldom snowfall, the opportunity to experience the city on a snowboard is far and few between.

But when snow hit the city hard this past February, daydreams of hitting spots all over the area became a reality. Andy Conte and crew wasted no time taking advantage of the fleeting moment, and Hell Gate is what they have to show for it. They beautifully navigated the city’s endless spots, all the while, bewildering pedestrians who presumably have never seen a snowboard in the Bronx.

Watch as the Hell Gate crew create a refreshing addition to New York culture. The Tri-State area’s healthy winter allowed Hell Gate to alter the narrative for street snowboarding in New York, and we are proud to see it. 

Filmed and Edited by Andy Conte

Additional Filming by Luke Williams, Connor Lowe, Peter Cirilli, Mike Cortigiano

Starring (in order of appearance): Hollis Dupre, Jayell White, Jon Koch, Matt Genovese, Ben Williams, Jack Wynant, Luke Williams, Alex Caccamo, Tommy Barger, Emett Dowd, Eli McClatchy, Tara Kipilla

Featuring: Tim Lyons, Bistro, Matt Roberge, Kyle Earl, Adam Manzo, Andy Conte, Bleu

Intro Animation by Ernie Armitage

Closing Animation by Elise Miguel


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