Future Shock’s “Farewell” video

| November 14th, 2021 |

Our culture is only as strong as the ones who make it up. To experience its absurdity and absolute splendidness, one only needs to take a quick crash course through the medium of snowboard videos. This fall we have seen an onslaught of films, almost daily, that have represented all things beautiful in our world that we hold so dear. 

Farewell is one on the list and comes from a group of individuals who together went through something that challenged their own relationships with snowboarding. The details are many, and out there if you care to look, but the tragedy is this crew lost a dear member of their crew and then lost their brand. But they found solace in the idea of doing it their own way, together, one last time. Like I said, our culture is only as strong as the ones that make it up, and well, here’s a video of some of the strongest bonds yet.

“We had one goal in mind, make a video that is a true representation of us. Who we are, the things we like, music we like, and the way we like to snowboard. No sponsors, no support, and not trying to please anyone else or be anything we aren’t. The most authentic representation of what snowboarding is to us. “- Alex Malik

We here at Torment hope this isn’t a farewell, but just a see you later. 

Featuring Zach Ahrens, Sean Brady, Kyle Nienhouse, Matt Aura, Josh Carreola, Sean Murphy, Matt Coughlin, Steve Dimmit, Jade Phelan, Mark Parritz, Pierrot Scafidi and Ozzy Henning

Video by Alex Malik

Kyle Nienhouse Nosepress | photo by Sean Brady
photos by Alex Malik
Spread from the Farewell Zine
Left photo of Sean Murphy | photo by Chip Proulx
Right photo of Sean Brady | photo by Zach Ahrens
Spread from the Farewell Zine
photos by Alex Malik
Spread from the Farewell Zine


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