November 10th, 2020

Forest’s rampage on snowboarding has now far exceeded a decade. Quiet is the newest chapter into his long tenured story as a creative and unique boarder who provides us with a vision that stimulates the “I want to go snowboarding” part of our brains. Partnering up with Brendan Hupp this past winter, these two sought to round out their project both in the mountains and streets of North America; filmed in Bellingham, Mt. Baker, Montreal, Quebec City, Government Camp, Hood River, and Denver. This is not only a must watch, but a re-watch.

Not too far away from home along the banks of the Columbia River / Photo by Darrell Mathes
Forest being exceptionally yellow / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Mood board material / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Forest threading the needle in Denver / Photo by Ian Boll
Este in vogue / Photo by Niels Schack
A lot of tricks have gone down here, but Forest found a new one to add to the list / Photo by Baltimore Loth
Spray on the way… / Photo by Brad Andrew
to a picture perfect leap of faith in Baker / Photo by Brad Andrew
Jam, bam, thank you ma’am / Photo by Brad Andrew
With some sun and water this snow plant could grow to be big and strong / Photo by Brad Andrew
An artist within his realm / Photo by Forest Bailey
The mayor of Mt. Baker with a constituent / Photo by Brendan Hupp
No cap / Photo by Brendan Hupp
Please be Quiet, Forest is sleeping / Photo by Brendan Hupp


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