“Fakeout” A Spring Video From Paid Programming

| August 29th, 2022 |

All too often, spring’s dwindling snowpack gives way to a sense of hectic-ity on the mountain. Rushed boarding becomes the common denominator, giving “phone eats first” a whole new interpretation. So, in a world where insta reels have become second to none, it’s refreshing to see the Paid Programming boys hold out on their footage from this past spring.

The crew ventured to Sunshine Village for some spring solace, adding a perfect twist to the snowboy build for It Came From The Village.

Featuring: Gregor Zed, Vinny Laz, Quin Ellul, Jesse Jarrett, Kalin Park, Michael Modesti, Manu Calvo, Tomi Maletic, Bryan Bowler, Aaron Tam, Finn Westbury, Matt Tam, Eric Martin, Conner Felix, Stefan Alvarez, Lucas Comeau, Jack Lawrence, Liam Gill, Matt, Ian Scherrer, and Brett Mills

Filmed by: Jesse Jarrett, Quin Ellul, and Vinny Laz

Edited by: Jesse Jarrett


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