Vans Snow Presents “Elles”

| December 2nd, 2021 |

The ability to remain genuine in any setting is a challenge suited for even the most grounded individuals. Understanding, but moreover implementing this, can take someone a lifetime, and, after this authentic part, it seems as if Arthur Longo came out of the womb with this skill.  In the middle of a pandemic, where the unknown is the only constant, Arthur “rejects the pursuit for perfect conditions while embracing the journey,” and Elles is the product of this philosophy.

This philosophy is what has us coming back with the same enthusiasm this time around. Whether it’s through the lens of Pirate Movie Productions, Vans, or even his own iPhone (which kind of trumps everything), his knack for uncontrived riding is self-evident. Now, with Tanner Pendleton capturing his unique approach to snowboarding, we can only assume the best. Scratch that. With additional riding from Hana Beaman, Blake Paul, Dan Liedahl, Mary Rand, Darrell Mathes, and Parker Szumowski, we’re positive that Elles is yet another Vans production for the books.

A short film featuring Arthur Longo, made with friends near and far during winter 2021.

Featuring Arthur Longo, Dan Liedahl, Mary Rand, Blake Paul, and more.

Filmed by Jake Price, Harry Hagan, and Olivier Gittler.

Directed and edited by Tanner Pendleton.

All Photos by Vans



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